A Storybook Farewell 

How The Slocum Home Team Helped Al & Ellen Unlock a New Chapter After 40+ Years in Their Greenwood Manor Home and Sell for a Record-Setting Price!

Leaving a Long-Time Home: Al & Ellen's Emotional Choice Between Roots and Family

For over four decades, Al and Ellen's home at 209 Northbridge Ave wasn't just a house - it was a beloved sanctuary where they raised their family, created cherished memories, and firmly planted their roots in the close-knit Greenwood Manor neighborhood of Warwick, RI.  Feeling a bit burnt out from long drives to see their grandchildren's sporting events and activities, Al and Ellen faced a difficult decision - remain in the community they adored or move closer to their grandchildren out of state.

The stakes were high. Al and Ellen needed to sell their home not only at a good price but also at the right time to align with their relocation plans. They required expert guidance to navigate the real estate market, aiming to attract the best offers without sacrificing their timeline.

The Trusted Guide Who Knew The Path in Greenwood Manor

With such an important transition looming, they needed a trustworthy guide - someone with in-depth knowledge of Greenwood Manor, a track record of success, and a genuine commitment to their best interests as sellers. That's when The Slocum Home Team, led by Nick Slocum, entered the story.

You see, for 16 years, The Slocum Home Team had been specializing in and giving back to Greenwood Manor - nurturing connections through thoughtful gestures like delivering pumpkins around Halloween and flags to every home around the 4th of July. So when Al and Ellen decided to take that emotional leap, they turned to the team they'd grown to know and trust over the years.

Magic Moments: How Disney Ties and a Thoughtful Gift Deepened the Bond Between Nick & His Clients

In Fall 2023, Nick met with Al and Ellen for the first time, quickly bonding over their shared love of Disney. The couple had even worked as cast members after retiring from teaching! In a touching gesture, they gifted Nick's daughter Lucy with special Disney pins to trade on her upcoming vacation.

Though the sellers initially planned to list in the Fall of 2023, they ended up holding off until after securing out-of-state housing. Nick kept the lines of communication open over the winter months. When they reconnected that March of 2024, Al and Ellen were set on their goal - to sell their beloved home for top dollar and move closer to their children and grandkids.

The Plan: Strategic Pricing & Exceptional Marketing

Nick's strategy was meticulous and tailored. While there had been two recent sales in the neighborhood at $450,000 and $465,000, both of those sales went well over the list price.  The previous high for a list price in the neighborhood was $439,900. He advised Al and Ellen to list their home at $439,900, a competitive price that best positioned the home in the market for a potential competitive bidding frenzy without overshooting the market's temperature. His recommendation was based on a thorough analysis of recent sales and market trends in Greenwood Manor.

Moreover, Nick didn't stop at just listing the home. He and his team prepared the property meticulously, engaging in professional staging and capturing the home’s essence through high-quality multimedia, including 3D tours and short-form videos. Recognizing the power of anticipation, they launched a "coming soon" campaign that generated early buzz and interest. Combining social media marketing, email marketing, and short-form videos, Al & Ellen's home reached 9800+ people!  Click the image to see the breakdown!

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A Day of Decisions: Navigating Offers & Patience in a Frenzied Market

When the beautifully renovated raised ranch hit the market that April, it was an instant phenomenon. Nick deployed cutting-edge tools like Zillow's Listing Showcase to exponentially amplify the online presence. Within hours, showings poured in, and offers started flying.

The first day alone brought a whirlwind of 11 tours and an aggressive offer over the asking price. However, this tempting offer came with a tight deadline that would require accepting before the weekend's scheduled open houses. Nick expertly guided Al and Ellen through this emotional roller coaster, advising patience and strategy rather than hastily accepting the first offer that crossed the table.

Record-Breaking Results: 24 Offers in One Weekend

The momentum only intensified that first weekend with two open houses - one on the rain-soaked Saturday that still drew 30-35 groups, and another on Sunday with 25-30 more groups braving the chilly spring weather. Remarkably, even after those back-to-back open house crowds, Nick went the extra mile to accommodate one last private showing request late Sunday, ultimately netting them one of the most competitive offers.

By the end of that feverish first weekend on the market, the Slocum Home Team had achieved something extraordinary - facilitating an astounding 24 offers despite listing the home nearly $100k higher than another raised ranch that hit the market just streets away on the very same day. The stellar marketing generated over 4,000 views and 227 saves on Zillow alone.

With a staggering array of proposals to evaluate, Nick provided steadfast guidance to Al and Ellen throughout the decision process. He meticulously presented each offer's nuances and terms, continuing to field new proposals until ultimately advising them on the best option - an offer that exceeded all expectations in both record-breaking price and favorable terms.  The only thing holding us from a closing table at this point, was the appraisal.

Clearing The Final Hurdle: Appraisal Achieved

With the sellers' dream offer officially accepted, all that remained was clearing the pivotal appraisal hurdle. Nick purposefully prepared for this make-or-break moment by diligently curating a comprehensive package of supporting sale comps from around Warwick. He left nothing to chance, empowering the appraiser with quantitative evidence justifying the record-breaking sale price.

When the appraiser visited just days later, Nick's strategic groundwork paid dividends. He presented a detailed market analysis spreadsheet that bridged the gap between the neighborhood's previous high sale and the premium Al and Ellen's impeccably renovated raised ranch commanded. The appraisal sailed through without a hitch - unlocking the clear path to a historic closing.

Historic Heights:  Al & Ellen's Home Sale Sets New Records

In the end, Nick guided Al and Ellen through not just an ordinary sale, but a historic transaction - the highest on record in Greenwood Manor.

Here are the final results:

85+ Groups Through The Home
24 Offers

Sold for $515,000

$51,900 More Than The Zestimate
$62,202 More Than Realtor.com's Estimate
$71,239 More Than Home.com's Estimate
$75,100 More Than The List Price

For Al and Ellen, it marked the emotional end of one storybook chapter and an exciting new beginning just steps away from hugs with grandchildren. This success story isn't just about a sale. It's about trust, community, and a deep understanding of client needs. Al and Ellen's story highlights how having the right guide, like Nick Slocum and The Slocum Home Team, can transform a complex challenge into a rewarding, life-changing event.

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